of durable light metal profiles with plastic guides, telescopic extendable up to the nominal length of 4 or 5m. Consisting of 4 respect. 5 elements each 1m long.

Front side with "E" graduation in 1 m intervals in
black and red colour on a white background.

Reverse side mm graduation in black,
reading of the measured value at the upper edge of the following element. The elements to be extended one after the other starting with the smallest element, than the next etc.

Typ 6735

Length: 4m | Weight: 1500g

Typ 6735

Length: 5m | Weight: 1700g

Typ 6735T

Carrying bag

Technical Data

  • Length closed: 1,25m
  • Part 1: 50 x 26mm
  • Part 2: 46 x 22mm
  • Part 3: 42 x 18mm
  • Part 4: 38 x 14mm
  • Part 5: 34 x 10mm