An angle measuring device for universal use, for quick and exact measurement and transfer of angles. Inside and outside angles could be easy read on the built in dial gauge.

Exactly adjusted horizontal and vertical vial for setting and measuring of nearly all angles. Also useable as a spirit level for horizontal and vertical measurements.

* powder coated light metal profiles
Lower part square light metal tube with built in dial gauge, barrel shaped horizontal and vertical vial of unbreakable acrylic glass, upper part "U" shaped profile with cuttings for dial gauge, horizontal and vertical vial.

* legs one upon the other
* locking screw for transfer of angles
* detachable compass tips
* precision +/-1,5° - Indication 1°
* measuring range 0 - 200°

Typ 1099

Length with/without tips: 35/30cm

Typ 1100

Length with/without tips: 50/45cm

Typ 1101

Length with/without tips: 65/60cm

Typ 1102

Length with/without tips: 80/75cm

Typ 1103

Length with/without tips: 105/100cm

Typ 1104

Length with/without tips: 150/145cm