Angle measuring device with electronic digital indication. With this precision angle measuring device angles can be measured more accurate. An universal device for measuring angles for multiple use.

* large LCD display on the side guarantees good readability
* figures 12 mm high
* indication in 0,1 degree
* horizontal and vertical vial for use as a Standard spirit level
* graduation in cm and mm
* "Winkelstar-Electronic" stops in each point no locking necessary
* handy

9 Volt power block battery guarantees for long life.
Quick change through removing the end cap.

Typ 1098-2

Length of legs: 517mm | Weight: 1000g

Typ 1098-3

Length of legs: 767mm | Weight: 1200g

Typ 1098-4

Length of legs: 1067mm | Weight: 1700g

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