Universal and useful spirit level of light metal, built in electronic components for horizontal indication with optical and acoustic Signal. Could be used as a Standard level trough the built in barrel shaped horizontal and ver- tical vial of unbreakable acrylic glass.

* Accuracy of horizontal and vertical vial minimum 0,5 mm/m under normal use
* grinded bearing surface
* "green" light, level within 0,5 mm/m
* horizontal level "green" light, deviation to the left or right "red" light
* audio signal to be switched on
* control of horizontal level without seeing the spirit level or in the dark (audio signal)
* shock and water proof
* 2 x 1,5 Volt batteries (Micro-LR 03-AAA) for more than 30 hours working time
* batteries could be changed without any tool

Typ 3032

Available Lengths:

  • 600cm
  • 800cm