Flat measuring bridge and surface hardened and lapped
Thread pitch of spindle hardened and ground
Zero setting and spindle nut adjustable
with clamping device, zero setting and ratchet
Reading parts satin chrome finish

Thread pitch: 0,5 mm
Spindle and measuring surface: Ø 4,0 mm
Graduated thimble: Ø 20,0 mm
Reading: 0,01 mm
Measuring bridge: 100,0 mm

Each device in wooden box.

Typ 659-1

Measuring range: 0-100mm | Measuring rods: 4 peaces

Typ 659-2

Measuring range: 0-200mm | Measuring rods: 8 peaces

Typ 659-3

Measuring range: 0-300mm | Measuring rods: 12 peaces