13 mm wide, yellow colour, graduation black, figures black, metre figures red.

Specially useful for long measuring tapes of 30 and 50 m length. Through 3-fold gear high time savings when rewinding measuring tapes after measurement.

Frame of plastic for fast rewind
- side parts of plastic with high impact strength
- hand grip of soft PVC
- tip for put the frame on earth when un- and rewinding the measuring tape
- durable and foldable winder for rewinding the tape
- 3-fold gear when rewinding the tape

Typ 216RS

Graduation front side: cm / reverse side: -

Typ 218RS

Graduation front side: mm / reverse side: -

Available lengths:

  • 30m
  • 50m

Fast rewind frame - 3X the formula for three times faster rewinding of Measuring Tapes