A specially strong wooden folding rule for all kinds of measurements in construction work, inside construction, measuring of doors, heights of doors etc.

* selected hard wood
* white basic colour - transparent protecting lacquer give high protection against atmospheric conditions
* black mm-duplex graduation on upper and lower edge, very good readability
* continuous cm figures on both sides in opposite direction
* good readability through large figures. Height of figures: centimetre figures 5 mm decimetre figures 6 mm bolt
* strong hinges with sturdy springs give firm hold when the folding rule is opened, therefore well suited for measuring of heights

Dimension of the joints: 30 x 6,5 mm

Richter special wooden folding rules are also available with EG calibration according to accuracy class III. Costs see price list.

Advertisement Printing:
The special folding rules are also available with advertisement printing on end links and sides.

Typ 6863

Graduation: 3m + m / 6 joints

Typ 6864

Graduation: 4m + m / 8 joints

Typ 6936

Graduation: 5m + m / 10 joints